‘They should have been shot’: Florida GOP candidate says Facebook removed post about illegal immigrants storming US border


Florida Republican and congressional candidate James Judge says that Facebook removed a post of his in which he said that illegal immigrants who stormed the United States-Mexico border and assaulted Nationals Guardsmen should have been shot.

The politician referenced a story from ABC News that showed a large group of migrants tearing down border fencing and rushing through several National Guard soldiers who were attempting to hold them back.


“Illegal aliens rush the southern border in El Paso. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT! This is not only criminal, this is literally an invasion,” a screenshot of the alleged post shows.

“They would have been shot if they would have tried this in other countries. They know this administration is weak and will not do anything! This is what happens when there are ZERO consequences for breaking the law! THERE MUST BE CONSEQUENCES FOR BREAKING THE LAW AND INVADING A NATION!!!” the post added.

Judge further clarified his position by stating that “based on law enforcement use-of-force continuum policies or the military rules of engagement,” an imminent threat of death or serious bodily injury justifies “deadly force.”

“These illegal aliens, which were comprised of military-age males, physically tore down a border barrier, maneuvered as a group and stormed and assaulted our armed, uniformed military service members. They should have been shot, plain and simple,” Judge added. “That is not a call for arbitrary violence. It’s a call for our National Guard and Border Patrol agents to be able to defend themselves, defend our nation, and defend our citizens from a direct threat and uphold our border laws.”


The Florida candidate’s platform also said the border wall needs to be finished while existing immigration laws should be enforced.

In a 2022 then-Twitter post, Judge accused “establishment Republicans” of embracing a “terrible approach” by “vilifying all immigrants as criminals, including those who are genuinely fleeing oppression.”

“That’s just wrong,” Judge added, while linking to a page that no longer appeared to exist.

“Every law on the books in our nation today is enforced with the understanding that if you don’t comply, you face being met with force, or if necessary, violence.


Meta/Facebook has not yet responded to requests to verify that the post was removed and to provide details as to which terms the post allegedly violated. This article will be updated with any applicable response.

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