Fury as Boston plans to fill former veteran housing with migrants as city asks residents to take people in

Massachusetts residents are outraged at recently announced plans to turn a former Boston area veteran housing unit into a homeless shelter as the city is inundated with migrants.

Democrat Governor Maura Healey revealed the government will turn the former Chelsea Soldiers’ Home facility, which is vacant and scheduled for demolition, into a safety-net site in April.

It will be able to accommodate 100 families who are eligible for the state’s Emergency Assistance family shelter system, which has been operating at capacity for months.


Resident Dick McGrath said on Facebook, ‘Is it me, or is there something wrong with putting migrants in the Chelsea Soldiers Home instead of homeless veterans?’

George Belmonte said, ‘I can’t believe the Chelsea soldiers home which is for the Vets is going to used for the immigrants overflow. How about taking care of the homeless Vets first. I am all for helping people but how about taking care of those already here and homeless.’

Bay Stater Eileen Jeffrey said on Facebook, ‘Chelsea soldier home is now a migrant shelter- there are thousands of homeless vets – Are you kidding me!’

Mike Junior said, ‘They were supposed to tear that building down but let’s put migrants in there, not our own soldiers, not our own people, not the ones who FOUGHT for OUR FREEDOM.’

Blake Habyan said on Twitter: ‘Illegals are being prioritized over American citizens. Who will they take away from next?’


‘While EOVS formerly operated the building slated for demolition, this project operates independently and will not impact the daily routines or services at the Massachusetts Veterans Home at Chelsea.’

Governor Healey announced on March 25 that families will be required to document engagement in case management and rehousing efforts monthly in order to remain eligible to stay at a state safety-net site starting on May 1.

On March 22, the Massachusetts Senate has approved limits on how long homeless families can stay in emergency state shelters as part of an $850 million plan to fund the system at the center of the migrant crisis.

The maximum stay was limited to nine months with the possibility of 90 more days for veterans, pregnant women and people who are employed or enrolled in a job training program.

The Melnea Cass Recreational Center in Roxbury has been closed to the local community and turned into a homeless shelter for 400 migrants in February.

In January, hundreds of migrants were forced to sleep on the floor at Boston Logan International Airport with no where else to turn.

Massachusetts’ shelters reached capacity in November, with 7,500 families in its system.

Boston City Councilor Julia Mejia told NBC10 Boston that residents should consider housing migrants in their private homes to battle the crisis.


Grace Curley, a radio host for Boston radio station WRKO, told Fox News: ‘This isn’t going to be a kumbaya moment, this is probably going to create a lot of issues and there’s going to be a lot of unhappy people out there.’

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