Minnesota school district seeks to hire $100-200k ‘anti-racist’ official who can examine ‘Whiteness’

A school district in Minnesota posted a racially charged job listing seeking an administrator to help steer the district’s policy on race.

The St. Louis Park Public School District recently posted a job listing for an Assistant Superintendent earning between $134,141 – $201,212. The position “Oversees the districtwide efforts related to student management/discipline” and “Participates in legislation and rulemaking at state and federal level to ensure that the District has representation regarding the impact of proposed laws and rules in the areas impacting teaching and learning for each student.”


In the knowledge, skills, and abilities section, the district seeks a candidate who will “actively listen for both spoken and unspoken racial concerns, seek multiple racial perspectives, examine the presence and role of ‘Whiteness’ in systems and structures, and are open to feedback regarding their own racial blind spots. Fosters joy and cultivates a culture of accountability for systemic racial equity transformation.”

The ideal employee in this position must be “Racially conscious and committed to equity work. Possesses a clear personal commitment to advancing racial equity and racial consciousness. They prioritize their own racial equity journey and set clear expectations for themselves and others in their pursuit of racial equity goals. They are skilled in using racial equity tools to achieve these objectives.”


The district just hired a new Superintendent, having announced in mid-March that Dr. Carla Hines will take the role.

The school board chair said, “Her educational leadership, dedication to student academic success, and vision for racial equity transformation is impressive and I’m confident she’ll lead our district with integrity and passion, advancing our strategic plan.”

“I am humbled and elated by the opportunity to serve as the next Superintendent of St. Louis Park Public Schools,” Hines said in response to the pending hire. “With a steadfast commitment to see, empower, and inspire each student, I look forward to collaboratively shaping a future where every student’s brilliance is realized and celebrated.”

Fox News Digital reached out to the school district and did not receive an immediate reply.

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