Stories of Young People Whose Bodies Were Sacrificed on Altar of ‘Gender Ideology Cult’

The cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and surgeries being prescribed to young people struggling with their gender identity are “experimental,” according to Mary Margaret Olohan.

“We don’t actually know what kind of effects that the puberty blockers and hormones are having on these young people,” Olohan says of women and men who attempt to change their bodies to appear as the opposite sex.


As a young woman, Mosley took testosterone and had a double mastectomy before she chose to detransition and return to living as a female. Now an adult, she is expecting a child, but will never be able to breastfeed her baby.

“I’m very happy for her and glad to see that she is able to bring new life into the world,” Olohan says of Mosley, but added that “we don’t know if other people will be able to do the same. ”

“There are people who have found that they are infertile now, due to the testosterone or the hormones” they took, she says.

In writing her book, Olohan says she sought to contact the doctors who perform gender-reassignment surgeries to remove healthy body parts, but they avoided talking with her.


Olohan, who is also a senior reporter for The Daily Signal, joins the podcast to explain how so many young people are being lured into the “gender ideology cult,” and what happens to a male or female body when taking cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers.

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