Florida Teacher Found Unresponsive After Attack by 5-Year-Old: Police

There can be no limits to being careful, no matter how young or weak someone can be. In fact, even school teachers looking after elementary kids cannot be careful enough if today’s story is anything to go by. This horrifying story happened in Florida, and the tragic victim was a female school teacher.

According to the police, the incident took place on the morning of March 2nd, 2022 at Pines Lake Elementary School. They had received a call from the staff informing them that a teacher “needed support”. However, by the time they reached the location, the teacher was unresponsive.[1]

The Accidental Attack In Florida

According to the Florida school staff, everything started when 2 students began to flip chairs. One of them was 4 years old while the other was 5. Their disruptive behavior even extended to throwing stuff all over the classroom and even at the present teachers.


However, when the police arrived, the teacher was “sitting on the ground against the wall… appearing to be in a faint state.” She also appeared to be “clearly weak and dazed”. The officer tried to help her and get her to respond in some manner. However, even if she continued blinking and breathing, the Florida teacher would not react in any way.

Fire Rescue officers took the teacher to Hollywood’s Memorial Regional Hospital.[2]|

Not The First Time

According to a parent’s interview with WSVN, it “was not the first time that this has happened at this school”. The parent called the unfortunate teacher a “sweet” and “amazing woman”. The incident had left the parent distraught.

The parent also added that “somebody needs to be held accountable, the parents… the district… they dropped the ball.” Immediately after the incident, the principal of the school had messaged parents informing them that something had happened. However, the principal also assured them that none of their students faced any danger.[3]


Nevertheless, other parents wished that the child receives some kind of counseling and that the Florida teacher gets all the help she needs.

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Florida Teacher Found Unresponsive After Attack by 5-Year-Old: Police