‘I’m Gonna Get Banned From Disney’: Transgender Activist Alludes To Removing Genitalia With Sweet Treats

An Atlanta transgender activist posted a video Friday in which he explains his upcoming sex-change surgery using Disney-themed treats.

Apparently recorded at Disneyland, the video uploaded on Instagram shows Lilly Contino using Minnie Mouse-themed cake pops and chocolate-covered marshmallows to discuss his upcoming sex-change surgery to avoid explicitly mentioning genitalia.


Despite using metaphors, Contino acknowledges the video’s provocative content. “I’m gonna get banned from Disney,” he said in the video. “Last summer, I was about to get my cake pops removed. The plan until recently was to convert my marshmallow wand into a marshmallow tunnel,” he explained while holding up the sugary treats to represent a penis and vagina.

Contino then revealed why he had not yet undergone the surgery.

“Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, I noticed some hair regrowth on my marshmallow wand. That’s bad because the outside of the wand is what becomes the inside of the tunnel so you don’t want hair growing there or else it’s very uncomfortable,” Contino claimed.


Despite the setback, Contino is determined to get the sex-change surgery done.

“That being said, it is still happening, we’re just not sure when it’s happening. Hair removal is a fickle thing and it’s really hard to predict when it will finish but my hair removal technician thinks it will be before the end of the year,” he added.

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