Convicted rapist under house arrest busted after putting ankle tag on dog

A convicted rapist under house arrest in Belgium has been busted after he put his ankle monitor on his British Bulldog and then went to a festival.

Ladislas Leys took off his ankle bracelet after being convicted of rape so he could go to a festival in Houthalen-Helchteren, in Limburg, Belgium.


At the end of 2023, he was also convicted of rape and was sentenced to four years in prison but was allowed to serve his sentence under house arrest with an ankle monitor. But the Antwerp public prosecutor’s office told local media how he removed his ankle bracelet and put it on his British Bulldog so that he could attend a festival on Saturday evening, on 18th May.

However he was caught when the police carried out a check on him. They discovered that Leys was not at home, but was at a three-day dance festival called Extrema Outdoor.


His lawyer, Steven Vermandel, told local media: “All I know is that there was a problem with his ankle monitor. I do not know the full background.” He added: “We will try to resolve this as quickly as possible.” The public prosecutor’s office confirmed that Leys was now in prison and serving his sentence. It is currently unclear if he will be allowed to carry out his sentence under house arrest again.

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