‘Woke tide is turning!’ Moms for Liberty boss heralds US court ruling after event shut down over ‘misgendering’

‘Woke tide is turning!’

“I have people here in a completely blue city, in a blue state in California, coming up to me and congratulating us on our win.

“I think people are getting the message that it’s time to go back to reality here.”

Bourne’s “blue” area references are callbacks to Democrat areas and individuals, the party that generally adopt a more liberal approach to the issue in America.


The county will also instruct staff to “curtail any disruptive behaviour” during events.

Discussing how the issue first came about, Bourne told GBN America: “We were having our fifth event at our public library and we were going to be talking about the impact of boys and girls high school sports here in California, where it’s now allowed for a boy to identify as a girl and compete in any sport.

“When we had our talk, the first speaker wanted to talk about her experience of being a female athlete and having the fear that men would be competing against her.

“We’ve seen this with Lia Thomas with swimming and other sports.

“The librarian shut down our event because he thought that we were being disrespectful to trans women by calling them men.”


Asked about her reaction to the result, Bourne commented: “The main win was that our Yolo Country government officials can no longer censor our speech.

“If we’re in a public space, we should be able to use the words that are truthful and expressive our views as we want to express them.”

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