Biden officials are covering up an attempted terror attack by illegal immigrants

By refusing repeated chances to answer simple questions about a May 3 incident at Quantico Marine Corps base, the Biden administration has essentially confirmed one of America’s worst — and most politically consequential — nightmares related to the ongoing border crisis.

Two illegal immigrants just attempted a terror attack on US soil.

We know that a Jordanian who illegally crossed the border joined up with another Jordanian who had overstayed his visa, and drove a box truck to the gates of Quantico.


Quick-thinking military police stopped the truck, and charged the men with trespassing before turning them over to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

What happened next?

We don’t know.

The government refuses to say if either of these men were on a terror watch list, if they made any confessions in custody, or even if they are being deported.

In fact, authorities didn’t even acknowledge the incident until Potomac Local News’ Kelly Sienkowski broke the story.

Since then, the White House and ICE have had every opportunity to deny what seems obvious, but have not done so.

“Given that it is an active law enforcement matter, I would have to refer you to ICE,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in response to a question from Fox News. “I just can’t dive into that, again, because there is a law enforcement matter.”


It is that the government almost always clarifies to the American public whether its top counterterrorism professionals regard initially ambiguous attacks as motivated by international or domestic terrorism, and often gives a thumbs-up or -down on whether the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force was investigating.

But the Biden administration will not engage in this one rare case, a startling break with post-9/11 tradition.

I believe Biden’s people’s refusal to acknowledge the first-ever border-crossing terror attack is an attempt to serve political aims, at the expense of public safety.

They know that acknowledging a terror attack from the border crisis would further damage a Biden re-election campaign that is already suffering dearly from it.

Much recent polling shows the border crisis and its attendant national security fears constitute a major political vulnerability for the Biden campaign for which voters already plan to punish Biden and reward Donald Trump.


But those who care about the national security threat that Biden’s open borders policy created are not going away until his administration goes on record about what happened.

Already a dozen congressmen have sent a letter demanding answers about the attack.

Consider that if law enforcement knows what terrorists have tried, it knows what to protect against.

By stonewalling the nation for political gain, Biden is putting Americans in jeopardy.

Todd Bensman is a senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

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