Donald Trump Supporters Arrested in NYC for Unveiling Massive Flag, Internet Calls It ‘Disturbing’

Donald Trump supporters seemed to have turned more aggressive following his Hush Money trial verdict. On June 6, 2024, the cult group raised an enormously huge ‘Law and Order’ flag outside Trump Tower in New York City but got arrested by the police department. Shortly after the video was uploaded online, people’s reactions came pouring in.

An account called @ImMeme0 on X, formerly Twitter, posted the video clip with the caption, “BREAKING: Trump supporters ARRESTED outside Trump Tower in NYC after unveiling a MASSIVE ‘Law and Order’ flag. Oh, the irony.” The post amassed nearly 400K views and comments from people out of whom some raised questions while others cheered for Trump.

Among the critics was @AuburnSouthern who wrote, “This is so disturbing- the two tiers of Justice are as obvious as night is from day.” In a separate tweet, she added, “The police aren’t afraid of Trump supporters.”


Meanwhile, the fans of the ex-president called out the double standards. For instance, an X user, @jimomics, compared the situation to LGBTQ+ protesters, “Let’s see some of the gay flag people arrested. Those damn things are everywhere.” @Hardtruths100 echoed the sentiment, “Should have used a pride flag with Trump’s name on it.”

@BangerangRufio2 ranted, “Street takeovers, murder, rape, and theft are absolutely fine in New York though This is exactly why I won’t ever fly the blue line flag. They’ve shown us their true colors time and time again.” This X user, @raymond1082, rationalized, “There are great police officers, but we have to give up the too-kind, too-prevalent sentiment that they’re all on the side of truth and justice. Way too many aren’t, and even if they are their orientation is still to ‘just follow orders.'”

Dion Cini, a far-right provocateur behind Trump-supporting “cruises” in New York was detained along with Trump diehards outside the Trump Tower. Cini is frequent at the MAGA rallies with massive flags supporting the convicted felon Trump.


The ex-commander-in-chief was found guilty on all 34 felony counts in the Hush Money trial on May 30, 2024, and since then, his popularity has dipped slightly in polls compared to his political rival and current POTUS Joe Biden. According to The New York Times/Siena College, a recontact poll was conducted on June 3rd and 4th with nearly 2,000 registered voters who previously participated in April/May surveys in key battleground states.

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