Tennessee shoppers trap looting gang inside store as they wait for cops to arrive

A shopping trip for customers at Tanger Outlets Nashville went wrong after a group of burglars broke into a perfume store.

TikTok user (@ptodropout) posted a video obtained by WSMV4 on June 2 of four individuals attempted to rob Perfumania at the Antioch outlets earlier that day.


But the robbers were able to escape by smashing their way through a back door before the cops could arrive.

Preston, the TikToker’s son and one of the witnesses, told WSMV4 that he could hear an employee yell, ‘Y’all can’t be in here’ right before the incident began.

‘I turned around and saw three or four people walking in with masks and hoodies on,’ he told the news outlet.

The store is located next to Victoria’s Secret, which is where a fight broke out prior to the attempted burglary.


However, their plans when awry when shoppers held the store’s door shut.

‘I’ve never seen it happen before, so I was a little in shock. I just was doing what I thought I should do,’ said Preston.

‘[They were] Trying to run around the store, break into the cash register, break through the glass, get all the cologne out of the shelves and stuff.’

Witnesses said that they weren’t sure if the foursome were armed but that they were between the ages of 16 and 20.

The TikToker, who caught almost all of the events on camera, wrote in the video that it ‘took 30 minutes’ for the cops to arrive on the scene.

One of the burglars who planned to run out the door immediately turned around and ran back to the register.


One the burglars grabbed a small step ladder and attempted to bust open the emergency exit door.

They managed to open the door, and according to Preston, security guards told him that all four burglars had jumped a fence and ran to Interstate 24.

WSVM4 obtained footage of I-24 from 3:00 pm, which shows three of the burglars sprinting on the side of the road.

They eventually jumped into one of the lanes and stopped a car, which they used as their final and successful act of a getaway.

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department told WSMV4 on June 3 that an incident report had not been filed and they were initially called over to the outlets for a fight in progress.

This incident is one of multiple robberies at Tanger Outlets Nashville, which opened in Antioch less than a year ago.


Police told FOX 17 News in November that shoplifters stole thousands of dollars worth of Michael Kors jackets, but they had obtained security footage of the incident.

The outlets released a statement on social media after the weekend robbery on November 16.

‘Safety and security programs at the center include measures that are both seen and unseen, and all efforts are supported by local law enforcement,’ it read.


Preston also mentioned the concern that came from shoppers he was with during the June 2 attempted Perfumania robbery.

‘They [shoppers and store owners] said this happened a lot in their area, like in that mall,’ he told WSMV4.

‘The other people seemed really upset about it because they live in the area. They’re just upset that it happens so often.

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