Video seemingly shows NYC migrant’s ‘sickening’ alleged bid to extort driver by jumping in front of moving car

Migrants are brazenly jumping in front of moving cars in Brooklyn in a bid to get hit and squeeze cash out of frightened drivers.

Since The Post first reported on the scam earlier this year, they have apparently ramped up their harrowing efforts to get hit, according to Rockaway residents.

Dash camera video shared with The Post shows what appears to be a migrant launching himself in front of a moving vehicle traveling in the right lane on Flatbush Avenue South, causing the driver to swerve into the left lane and narrowly avoid hitting him.


“If I was distracted for one split second, or looking down, or if someone was in the left lane, my life would be over . . . It’s just sickening.”

She said the incident occurred on May 6 just before 7:30 a.m. as she drove to work in Bensonhurst.

Christina, who lives in Rockaway Beach, suspects the man lived at the emergency migrant shelter at nearby Floyd Bennett Field.

At least three other Rockaway Beach residents have almost become victims to the twisted trick, according to posts in an area Facebook group.

“It happened to me . . . in the dark early morning,” another resident wrote in response to Christina’s post.

“Someone did this to me outside the 7/11 on Flatbush about three weeks ago,” another responded.


“She was able to brake in time and didn’t hit him.”

In January, John B., a retired NYPD cop from Bergen Beach, told The Post that details of the apparent extortion scheme were discussed by concerned residents and 63rd Precinct cops.

“They’re scaring people saying, ‘You just hit me, and I’m going to report it if you don’t give me the money,’” he explained.

The NYPD said no reports about such incidents have been filed with the department.

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