Dem Judge Dismisses Riot Charges Against Group Of Illegal Immigrants Caught Charging At Law Enforcement

Democratic El Paso County Judge Ruben Morales dismissed 59 cases against illegal migrants accused of participating in a border riot in April, ruling that his court has no jurisdiction over the matter, according to local reports. The group of migrants were charged with rioting after allegedly breaking through concertina wire at the border and rushing members of the Texas National Guard near El Paso’s Lower Valley.

in a way that was improper with respect to constitutional and statutory procedure,” El Paso Public Defender Kelli Childress stated, according to the El Paso Times. “None of these problems have been at the fault of the judge or my clients,”


The charges stem from a mass illegal crossing that took place on April 12 along the border near El Paso, in which the migrants cut razor wire and rushed into the U.S. There were more than 300 individuals in the group at the time of the incident, but a state prosecutor alleged that the push forward by roughly 140 of them prompted the Texas National State Guard to pull back, constituting a riot.

Judge Morales dismissed 140 cases against those migrants later that month, ruling that no probable cause existed. The dismissal at the time didn’t preclude the El Paso District Attorney’s Office from lodging those charges again at the alleged rioters — which is what the office did.

However, Morales again dismissed the rioting charges on Monday, finding that they were improperly filed. El Paso District Attorney Bill Hicks denied his office misfiled the indictments against the illegal immigrants, arguing instead that the files were transferred to Morales’ courtroom, according to the El Paso Times.


The migrants involved still face federal illegal entry charges, and federal immigration authorities have lodged detainer requests for them.

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