Vandal caught on video ripping American flag for fallen cops, flipping the bird

A tattooed woman was caught on camera in broad daylight vandalizing an American flag honoring fallen Denver police officers before flipping the bird at the surveillance camera in defiance.

Video shared by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office shows the beanie-clad woman, allegedly a repeat-offender flag vandal, approaching the roadside flag just before 6 p.m. June 5.


“She then showed us her tattooed arms, the object she planned to use to perform her desecration, and proceeded to rip to shreds seven of the American flags we have posted around our headquarters in Golden,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

“These flags are posted in honor of fallen officers,” they continued.

After ripping the flag, the woman can be seen in the clip proudly bowing to the security camera before taking off.

In the footage, she is wearing denim shorts, a black muscle tee, and a black and red striped beanie and also carrying a black backpack.

After flipping off authorities, she fled in the direction of the light rail station, the sheriff’s office added.


Police told the station they believed she was ripping them up with a small blade or key.

“We are pretty sure that she would like us to personally credit her performance, so if you can help us identify this individual, we will make sure she gets the encore she deserves,” the sheriff’s department quipped.

The woman would face a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief with her actions protected under the First Amendment.

Police ask if you recognize her to call their tipline at 303-271-5612.

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