Chinese commentators mock Trump-Biden debate: ‘Negative advertisement for Western democracy’

News outlets were quick to point out the numerous falsehoods claimed by both Biden and Trump, but Biden’s gaffes had Democratic operatives concerned about his mental acuity and questioning whether he should be replaced on the 2024 ticket. This was ‘very entertaining’ for Chinese commentators.


“Objectively speaking, the low-quality performance of these two old men was a negative advertisement for Western democracy,” he added.

Trump noted twice at the debate that “we’re now laughed at” by enemies of the west or the world at large, and he has been repeating claims that “our enemies are laughing at us” under Democratic leadership since his first successful run for office in 2016. However, he was also the subject of mockery after the debate.

Cailianshe, a Chinese outlet, called out the “chaotic rhythm” that they said “almost dominated the event.” The outlet noted that “many people lamented: One has Alzheimer’s disease and the other is mentally ill, they are really evenly matched.”

“Biden was habitually confused, and Trump continued to spread rumors,” State-owned Beijing News opined.


Even outside of China, international media outlets slammed both candidates after the CNN debate. Mexican outlet El Universal lamented that Biden’s “hoarse, weak voice and his erratic statements ended up giving victory to a Donald Trump who lied again and again.”

The United Kingdom’s the Times acknowledged that “Democrats panic as president stumbles.” On a similar note, Spain’s El Pais wrote, “Democrats panic over Biden’s visible failures in the debate against Trump.” France’s Le Monde said that “in the United States, the media are questioning whether Biden will continue to run.”

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