US Army ADMITS the vaccine hurt soldiers, but no — the Army won’t help them

Karolina Stancik is a U.S. Army veteran who tragically suffered severe heart conditions after being mandated to take the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

While the Army has shockingly acknowledged in an internal memo that her injuries were vaccine-induced, they discharged Stancik and refused to cover her medical treatment.

“I am 24 years old, I have had three heart attacks, a mini stroke, and I am now getting a pacemaker,” Stancik told investigative reporter Catherine Herridge in an interview.


“So, the Army admits in an internal memo that they referenced that all of these injuries were caused by the vaccine, and yet, you know, they discharged her by the way, because ‘You’re of no use to us now. You’re disabled now,’” Sara Gonzales says, clearly disturbed.

“How sick and how rotten is this administration that we will force servicemen and women to buy into a narrative and if they don’t and then get hurt, you just toss them aside and feed them to the wolves,” Jaco Booyens agrees.


“His doctors lie to him, they tell him it’s called ‘athlete’s heart,’” Booyens explains. “He’s like, ‘What is athlete’s heart?’”

“Fights for his life in ICU for 13 days, turned to the brink of death. This has happened hundreds of thousands, if not millions of times,” he continues, adding, “Anthony Fauci should be in front of an international tribunal for crimes against humanity.”

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