Ex-NFL reporter says trans inclusion in women’s sports is ‘insanity’

The fight to keep transgender athletes out of girls’ and women’s sports continues.

The Biden administration recently rewrote Title IX in order to give trans participants more protections, but several states blocked the ruling last month.

Former NFL reporter Michelle Tafoya joined OutKick’s “Don’t @ Me” on Tuesday to discuss the “insanity” of allowing trans people to compete with biological females.

“It is insane, this whole thing is insanity. Thank God for voices like J.K. Rowling and Riley Gaines and others. Apparently, you need big voices like that to keep up, to keep countering this ridiculousness,” Tafoya said. “I don’t’ care if the male is intact or was born a male – they don’t belong in a women’s locker room, they don’t belong on a women’s team. They are not women. So this notion that trans women or women, it’s ridiculous, because there’s a reason you put the ‘trans’ in front of the word ‘woman,’ because you’re not a woman.”

“We’re in a weird time. This is one of those lies that they want to keep propagating. ‘Trans women are real women, trans women are real women,’ and then they’ll eventually believe it. I’m not going to believe it. I have a daughter, as well, who competes in athletics.


Oftentimes, those who are against trans inclusion in women’s sports are labeled hateful and transphobic. It happened to Gaines and the Independent Women’s Forum last month, when their tour bus was vandalized.

However, Tafoya says that could not be farther from the truth.

“If you can’t compete, join the millions of other people that have come in last place in a race. But that doesn’t mean you get to change genders so you can be in third place or first place in a race. That ain’t the way this works. It’s very simple, but apparently, we have to keep fighting these gender-ideology voices that think we’re hateful,” she says.

“We’re not hateful, we’re helping women.”


The New Hampshire senate passed a bill back in May that would bar transgender athletes in grades 5-12 from competing against the gender they identify as.

The passing of the New Hampshire bill came a couple of weeks after Arkansas Gov. Sarah Sanders signed an executive order in response to the new Title IX regulations. Sanders said she had been “appalled” by the “attack on common sense.”

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