Mayors across the U.S. are betting on immigrants to revive stagnating communities

As population and economic downturns affect many parts of the American heartland, the U.S. Conference of Mayors recently endorsed the so called “heartland visa”, a place-based initiative aimed to attract high-skilled immigrants to areas facing decline or stagnation.

The nonpartisan organization, which represents mayors and other officials from over 1,400 cities with populations of 30,000 or more, urged federal lawmakers to establish the visa as a means to bring high-skilled immigrants and entrepreneurs to communities experiencing population and economic decline.


Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb, one of the main sponsors of the resolution explained summed up the initiative:

“Mayors understand the critical role of high-skilled immigrants in boosting the prosperity and economic resilience of our cities. We urge Congress to enact a Heartland Visa program to spur innovation, revitalization, and job creation in cities like Cleveland and many others throughout the Heartland.”

The proposal highlights several benefits, spread out across an array of industries and levels:

  • Economic Stimulus: Increased demand for goods and services can create jobs and boost local businesses.
  • Real Estate Revitalization: Filling vacant homes and storefronts can stabilize housing markets and improve neighborhoods.
  • Fiscal Strengthening: A growing population and tax base can improve municipal finances and fund essential services.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Newcomers often bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas that can spur economic activity.
  • Workforce Development: Skilled immigrants can fill critical gaps in local labor markets and enhance the community’s overall skillset.

One of the most glaring particularities of the initiative is the fact that it enjoys broad bipartisan support, a rarity when it comes to issues surrounding immigrants nowadays. As Boundless points out, “a recent national survey revealed that three-quarters of American voters, including majorities across the political spectrum and in every presidential swing state, favor increasing high-skilled immigration.”


To qualify, immigrants must have high-wage job offers or demonstrate a history of substantial earnings. In return for a six-year commitment to living in the chosen city, they would be granted an expedited path to permanent residency.

(*) This article is pro-illegal, but we know this is just leftist ideology at its finest.

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