Top Biden official pulls back the curtain, spills the beans about his boss: ‘People are scared s***less’

President Joe Biden has reportedly cultivated a workplace of fear, leading some officials to become “scared s***less” at the prospect of angering him.

The president’s most senior and trusted officials, according to Politico, tightly control access to the president, limiting his exposure to the media and anyone who might upset the applecart.

But top officials who do get access to the president — like those who provide briefings — told Politico they have learned to curate carefully the information in the briefings, lest they are forced to endure the president’s wrath.

“It’s like, ‘You can’t include that, that will set him off,’ or ‘Put that in, he likes that.


“He doesn’t take advice from anyone other than those few top aides, and it becomes a perfect storm because he just gets more and more isolated from their efforts to control it,” the official added.

Politico spoke with dozens of Democrats — from top White House staffers, senior House Democrats, Democratic fundraisers, and Democratic strategists — who painted the same picture: “The cloistered Biden inner sanctum,” in Politico’s words, is to blame for hiding Biden’s cognitive decline resulting in Biden’s primetime debate meltdown.

Here is what Democrats told Politico:

  • A top Biden donor: “We’ve all enabled the situation.”
  • A Democratic strategist: “The number of people who have access to the president has gotten smaller and smaller and smaller. They’ve been digging deeper into the bunker for months now.”
  • A senior House Democrat: “I think the Biden team is pretty insular and doesn’t really care what anybody says.”
  • A White House staffer: “Everyone was told this was for the best. Now, it’s the worst possible outcome. And we’re all trying to figure out why the people who know him best and make all the decisions didn’t seem to anticipate that this might happen.”
  • A Democratic operative: “[Biden’s advisers] don’t take dissent. … If you try, then you don’t get invited to the next call, the next meeting.”

The White House, of course, denied that any of this is true.


Biden himself has reportedly admitted to a “key ally” that he understands the end of his campaign could be near if he cannot reverse the public’s perception of his cognitive decline, the New York Times reported.

If the Democrats’ own internal polling is any indication, that reversal is not coming.

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