‘Planet Fitness is notorious for this’: Female gym-goer comes face-to-face with male employee in the locker room while completely uncovered

Whether we like following Peloton workouts or IRL classes (even though we’ll never lift as heavy as The Rock…), we know getting some physical activity in is a good idea. If you head to your local gym regularly, you expect privacy and respect. Unfortunately, the gym can also be a nightmare.

TikTok user @theunapologetictiff recently shared that she works out at Planet Fitness three days each week. But one day, she was in the locker room without her shirt on and, as she explained: “I look over and a man that works at the fucking gym is coming out of the woman’s restroom.” What?!

She said she felt “violated,” which we completely understand as that was incredibly uncool and inappropriate. It gets more upsetting: When she talked to the staff at the front desk, they said the man spoke to her “calmly” and they treated the situation as if nothing had really happened.


Tiff made a good point that Planet Fitness allows teenagers to join for free in the summer months, which means that a high school-aged girl could have been changing in the locker room when a male employee came in.

Some people shared in the comment section that they had gone through a similar situation and stopped working out at Planet Fitness.

Tiff shared an update later on that when she talked to management, they said she shouldn’t post about what happened online and that she should “calm down.” She said: “I don’t like Planet Fitness’s whole attitude telling me to calm down and shut up about this.” We’re mad on her behalf because everyone deserves to be listened to.

The regional manager said Tiff would get a free three-month membership and that the employee who did this was “remorseful” and there would be “training” to prevent it from happening again.


Planet Fitness has been in the news recently since anyone who is a Classic Card member now has to pay $15 monthly instead of $10. According to USA Today, the membership fee was the same from 1998 until now. And after hearing this story, you might think twice about changing in a locker room there.

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