Small town school board takes a stand against transgender kids taking part in girls sports

A Washington school district has become the the first in the state to pass a resolution affirming its belief in a ban on transgender girls competing in female sports.

Kennewick School District voted to approve the motion at a board meeting last month.

The resolution states that, ‘biological males should not participate in biological females’ sports and inherent biological differences and abilities exist between biological males and biological females and commits to protecting female sports.’


‘We have too many people just kind of sitting on the sidelines and not voicing their concerns,’ he told Fox News.

‘Hopefully, we can get a bunch of the other school boards on this resolution and maybe affect some change.’

The resolution was drawn up after a transgender runner won the 400-meter sprint at the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) state track and field meet.

WIAA policy states that athletes may compete in division, ‘consistent with their gender identity or the gender most consistently expressed’, without the need to be on hormone therapy.

‘They tell us it’s never going to happen in your state. It’ll never happen. And then it happen,’ Galbraith said.


‘And then we were able to come out and stand up against it with our resolution, which effectively is just our board saying that we don’t support it.

‘We have to try to work with our legislators and stuff to affect some change to figure out what the next step is.’

The motion was passed at a school board meeting on June 26 at which parents, athletes and coaches all spoke.

Kamiakin High School coach Cheryl Schawbel said she knew colleagues leaving her profession over the current rules around inclusivity.

‘We are seeing that more of these more of these athletes are participating and denying girls in those same events,’ she said.

‘Follow the science. It’s destroying girls and women’s athletics and running. It’s not safe and it’s violating girls rights to play.’

Speaker Lisa Peppard also questioned whether the policy was necessary given the small proportion of transgender students.


She referenced Republican Governor of Utah, Spencer Cox who vetoed a trans sports ban because his state had just four transgender athletes among 85,000 school kids.

‘He said four kids who are just trying to find some friends and feel like they are part of something, four kids trying to get through each day, rarely has so much fear and anger been directed at so few.

‘I am appealing to you to quit targeting the LGBTQIA plus students in this district.’

Transgender mom-of-four Kara Noakes warned the policy could do damage to an already vulnerable group of kids.

‘I find it hilarious that we once again find ourselves in a position was zealous school board members attempting to defy states position and rules which will only affect an already marginalized and at risk population,’ she said.

The debate around trans inclusion in sport has been raging fiercely for a number of years and has been fueled recently by the Biden administration’s new rules which clarify Title IX forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.


The debate was reignited this week when Nikki Hiltz, a transgender non-binary runner qualified for US Olympic team after winning the Women’s 1,500-meter race at trails over the weekend.

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