Little Girl Suspended for Toy “Stick” Gun

March 31, 2017

A little girl in North Carolina has been suspended after she found a stick that resembled a gun and decided to play with it. WTVD reports: Hoke County Schools said Caitlin posed a threat to […]


Outrage Over Afrikaans-Only Hostel for Students

March 28, 2017

Rapula Moatshe, IOL Higher Education and Training Minister Dr Blade Nzimande must dissolve the University of Pretoria council for failing to deal with racism at the so-called “whites and Christian only” hostel housing its students. […]


Anger After Unvetted Migrants Hired To Walk Children To School

March 17, 2017

Virginia Hale, Breitbart Opposition politicians have promised to fight plans by northern Italian town Arcore’s left wing local government which would see unvetted migrants walking young children to school in a project to teach pupils about ‘diversity’ and […]