Law & Order

Convicted for Self Defense Against BLM Thugs

March 26, 2017

During a recent protest in Portland, a journalist has been convicted of felony charges. A recent court decision involving a political activist’s attendance at a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest last summer demonstrates just how […]


Google Scrubs Politically Incorrect Sites from Searches

March 26, 2017

Google, the world’s biggest Internet search engine provider, has decided it should “help” readers determine whether or not a search result is “safe” by applying “quality ratings.” In its latest move along the censorship path, […]


Muslim Laptop Ban As Trump’s Muslim Bans Are Banned

March 23, 2017

(Zaid Jilani article direct from The INTERCEPT ) Donald Trump’s Muslim Laptop Ban Could Be a Protectionist Scheme: The Department of Homeland Security announced an unprecedented new restriction on travellers from 10 airports in eight […]