Rubio Wants Weapons Banned

February 25, 2018

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) showed heavy support at town hall recently at the idea of preventing 18-year-olds from buying rifles as well as banning of bump stocks, more extensive background checks, and financially supporting threat […]


Gun Rights are Women’s Rights

October 18, 2017

Conservative pundit Katie Pavlich is tired of leftwing feminists arguing that everything but the 2nd Amendment is a new front on the war for women’s rights. In fact, while many of the battlefields that feminists […]


Nevada: Pro-Gun Bill Passes Assembly

April 19, 2017

Nevada: Assembly Bill 118 has passed on the Assembly floor by a 34-4 vote.  AB 118, sponsored by Assemblyman Skip Daly (D-31), would allow members of the military and those who have received an honorable discharge between 18 and […]