February 25, 2018

Fellow Conservative, Hollywood and the liberal media don’t want you to know the true story of how a law that has killed over 60 million Americans was formed. ROE V WADE the movie is the […]


Why has the NFL fallen so far? What was once the greatest American gladiator sport has become a platform for perpetuating liberal ideologies and social justice warrior activism. And things recently got a whole lot worse because the NFL just made an anti-American move that will disgust you. When will the NFL get it together? They are losing droves of fans because of these anthem-kneeler multimillionaire football players. The NFL’s leadership refuses to acknowledge the boycotting fans and continues to have these anti-American players’ backs. But everyone is sick of it. That includes an American Veterans group who created a spot for the Super Bowl urging these players to stand. In fact, they said it politely with, “#PleaseStand.” They hoped this would be a wake-up call to these disrespectful players, but it won’t get that far because the NFL is refusing to air the spot. Fox News reported: “The National Football League has rejected a Super Bowl advertisement from American Veterans urging people to stand for the national anthem. The nation’s largest veterans service organization had been invited by the NFL to place an ad in the Super Bowl LII program. AMVET’s advertisement included a two-word message – “#PleaseStand.” “This Is The Hospital. Your 13-Year Old Daughter Is Suffering From The Complications Of An Abortion Gone Wrong And We Need You To Get Over Here Right Away.”

February 19, 2018

Imagine the horror of a parent – who didn’t even know their child was sexually active in the first place – to receive such a call. It could happen. As a matter of fact, similar […]