Judge Blocks Transgender Bathroom Sign Law In Tennessee

July 11, 2021

A  federal judge issued a preliminary injunction Friday, stalling the implementation of a  law regulating transgender bathrooms. The law signed by Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee stipulates, among other things, that bold, uppercase letter signage must […]


Should Government Get Out Of the Marriage Business?

February 19, 2018

The ongoing fallout from the U.S. Supreme Court’s “gay marriage” decision has renewed debate among officials that maybe the government should get out of the marriage business. Alabama has been a hot-bed for the marriage […]


Accused Pedophile Now Identifies As A Nine-Year-Old

February 11, 2018

A Chicago man accused of sexually assaulting three children claims that there’s no crime – because he’s actually “a nine-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.” The self-proclaimed trans-age Joseph Roman is 38-years-old and has been […]


Harvard To Manning: You Ain’t No Fellow No More

November 6, 2017

American traitor Chelsea Manning will no longer be receiving a visiting fellowship at Harvard, the university announced late Thursday. In a lengthy explanation posted online, Douglas Elmendorf, dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School, said the whole […]