Illegal Teens Fighting Trump To Have Abortions

February 19, 2018

Two teenagers, who are also illegal immigrants, are insisting the government let them have abortions and are fighting for their “cause.” According to their lawyers, the teenagers called called Jane Poe and Jane Roe are 10 […]


Miami Renounces ‘Sanctuary’ Status

August 13, 2017

Mayor orders Miami-Dade jails to begin honoring federal requests to detain criminal illegal immigrants for possible deportation. As a candidate, Donald Trump promised to reverse many of the immigration policies of Barack Obama, including his […]


ICE Goes on a HUGE Bust in California

June 4, 2017

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s fugitive operations officers arrested 188 people from 11 different countries in California during a five-day operation. The people were arrested in the Los Angeles area, and the operation focused on […]


US Governor Creates Toolkit for Undocumented Parents

March 31, 2017

BBC Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy unveiled the Connecticut Family Preparedness Plan on Wednesday. He has already clashed with the White House over immigration policy. The plan is a “step by step” toolkit, in English and […]