Illegal Teens Fighting Trump To Have Abortions

February 19, 2018

Two teenagers, who are also illegal immigrants, are insisting the government let them have abortions and are fighting for their “cause.” According to their lawyers, the teenagers called called Jane Poe and Jane Roe are 10 […]

Daily Video

Charlottesville, VA

August 15, 2017

Knights Party Director Thomas Robb discusses the aftermath of the Charlottesville, VA – attempted peaceful and lawfully permitted rally before they were attacked by anti white terrorists. In the feature photo, event organizer Jason Kessler […]


MAGA White House Announces HUGE Immigration Overhaul

August 5, 2017

Speaking from the Roosevelt Room at the White House Wednesday morning, President Trump expressed support for the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act, RAISE, in an effort to shift America’s immigration system away from […]


Bill Gates Warns Mass Immigration??

July 9, 2017

Microsoft’s Bill Gates, of left-of-left political bent, warned that mass immigration has compromised Europe’s culture and security. That such a noted political liberal would make this claim is an eye-opener. It only underscores how devastating […]