YO, LIBTARDS: You Pushed For $15 An Hour For Fast Food Workers – WENDY’S Just PUSHED Back

The Left has been pushing the ‘Fight for $15’ for years. It’s the ‘right thing to do’ they said. But IS it?

The ‘opposition’ to the $15 wage for fast food workers is that the restaurants will cut the hours of employees and find ways to automate to reduce costs.

Cue Wendy’s…

And told you it HURTS the people it is supposed to help.

It does NOT take into consideration, who it hurts. They associate a logo with a coroporation, and assume ‘they can afford it. Wrong.

It’s not the corp who takes the hit. It’s the franchisee. And the employees. And the people who shop there because they can’t afford the upscale alternatives.

But protest and denounce the corporations.

They are ‘greedy’ for doing for not giving more.

Actually, they are HELPFUL. They are bringing people with NO work experience and offering them flexible hours that can work around various school commitments, practices, school schedule, and the rest.

It provides an employment history and a employer’s reference that will help propel someone to their NEXT opportunity.

It provides training, including work training, and training with the ‘soft skills’ like showing up on time, work ethic, proper attitude and personal grooming.

But when you but the screws to someone, you will trigger their Adapt and Survive response — even if that ‘someone’ is a business owner.