Badass Green Beret Soldier Publicly DESTROYS Snotty Dems Who Refused To Stand SEAL’s Honored Widow

On Tuesday night, President Trump addressed the nation and paid tribute to our fallen Navy SEAL William ‘Ryan’ Owens who perished in a Yemini raid several weeks ago. He then led the audience in a standing ovation that lasted over 3 minutes for Owens’ tearful widow who was in the crowd, honoring the distraught woman for her incredible sacrifice.

But as the cameras panned the crowd, an entire row of disgusting Democrats could be seen firmly planted on their asses, looking smug and unamused.

While lining these ungrateful anti-American idiots up and repeatedly throat-punching would be fully justified, a Green Beret Soldier is speaking his mind over the incident. And what he had to say in his fiery rant will leave you cheering.

Tim Kennedy served several tours in Iraq and is also a current MMA fighter. So understandably, these Democrats’ disgusting antics did not sit too well with him. Taking to social media, he put these anti-American idiots on notice, telling them what would happen if they ever try to pull such a a similar stunt with his wife:

Just so we’re clear…. If I die in combat and my wife attends the president’s speech and for political reasons a bunch of those attending refuse to stand for her, I swear to god my teammates will come and bury each of you. #greenberets #ateam #specialforces #ranger #sniper #Widow #NavySEAL