Costume on Amazon ‘Racist, anti-Latino’

A costume bearing the inscription “Mexico will pay!” has been described as racist by the man who helped develop the “Make Mexico America Again!” baseball hats.

And Jerónimo Saldaña wants Amazon to stop selling it.

Saldana Designed “Make America Mexico Again”

The black and white jumpsuit designed to look like a brick wall has been sold on Amazon since last July, and according to some comments on the Amazon website was a popular Halloween outfit.

But Saldaña sees white supremacy behind the costume, which he calls anti-Latino.

“I had seen the racist costume during the presidential campaign during news coverage of Trump rallies and always found it offensive,” he told The Huffington Post. “Since Trump’s election, I have read articles reporting instances of high school students chanting ‘build that wall’ and ‘Trump’ at students of color and immediately connected those incidents with the normalization of white supremacy, which I believe this costume represents.”

Saldaña’s petition, posted online, is titled “Amazon, drop the hate — ban your anti-Latinx costumes.” (Latinx is a term used to describe people of Latin descent without specifying their gender, replacing Latino and Latina.)

The petition, which had garnered 216 of a target 300 signatures as of today, says the costume promotes the “despicable xenophobia” of U.S. President Donald Trump “and is nothing more than a modernized version of a Ku Klux Klan robe. We demand Amazon immediately remove it and all other racist merchandise from its site.”

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