Reddit Suppressing r/The_Donald Subscriber Numbers BY THE MILLIONS!

Millions. Is Reddit cucking r/The_Donald? There has been a report that Reddit has allegedly been covering up the amount of subscribers to the subreddit r/The_Donald, a community set up by supporters of President Donald Trump.

According to the Reddit website and metrics, the thread has about 385,000 followers who are active in the online community.

However, one user posting under the pseudonym TRUMP (presumably not the President), posted a thread titled “385,000 subscribers? TRY 6 MILLION. 6 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. 6,014,248 PRECISELY. SIX-MILLION FOURTEEN-THOUSAND TWO-HUNDRED AND FORTY-EIGHT MEMBERS OF THIS COMMUNITY. STOP LYING TO US.”

To prove it, the user went to Reddit ads where he took a screenshot of the reach the subreddit can make when buying advertising. He took a screenshot of the ads dashboard and it clearly displayed the number being over 6 million.