Vimeo Discriminates Against Christians; But They Aren’t Bakers, So It’s Cool

The video-sharing website Vimeo has landed itself in a bit of controversy after it became public that the company, famous for its high-definition video formats, discriminates openly against Christian content.

The story broke when the American Family Association drew attention to the plight of Mastering Life Ministries and its weekly TV program, Pure Passion. The program,

Features experts like John Townsend, Gordon Dalbey, Neil Anderson, Stephen Arterburn and Kay Arthur, as well as the personal life stories of former strippers, homosexuals, porn addicts, sex trafficking survivors and others, who illustrate God’s way of escape for those who are entrapped in addictive and dysfunctional lifestyles.

As you might guess, the inclusion of “homosexuals” is the sticking point for Vimeo. It’s one thing to be a stripper, fornicator, child abuser, or pimp that has been changed by the power of the gospel. But someone with same-sex attraction must not be allowed the freedom to alter their behavior or desires. Because that’s loving, or something.

Once Vimeo became aware of Pure Passion’s content, it promptly removed all 850 videos they had uploaded and officially closed the account. The video site wrote to the targets of their discrimination: