This High School Yearbook Dedicated a Whole Spread to Bashing Trump

Brainerd High School is at the center of a social media storm set off by actor Scott Baio, the former “Happy Days” star and supporter of GOP President Donald Trump.

Baio tweeted and posted on Facebook a page from the school’s yearbook that was filled with student criticism of Trump. What set off the actor was one comment about Trump that read, “I would like to behead him.

I do not like him. Baio tweeted the yearbook page Friday morning, copying the president’s personal Twitter account as well as those of the FBI, presidential spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway and Fox News commentator Sean Hannity.

Baio also posted the item on his Facebook page — which is headed by a picture of the actor and Trump giving the thumbs-up sign. On Friday afternoon, Hannity also shared the item on his Facebook page, which has nearly 3 million followers.

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