Muslim Terrorists’ “Truck of Peace Tour” Strikes New City

A Muslim driver in Spain just mowed down 5 pedestrians at a bus stop in the Spanish town of Palma.

His victims included a 25-year-old local resident, and four tourists in their 60s.

The incident was initially suspected by many to be a terrorist attack, causing widespread panic in the area. Similar attacks have recently popped up in Europe, where Muslim terrorists ran cars and trucks into crowds of people—most chillingly this last December, when a Muslim man killed 12 people at a Berlin Christmas market.

Police are still investigating exactly what happened—but say that it may have just been an unfortunate accident due to reckless driving, rather than a terrorist attack. Regardless, the driver—who is unnamed but described as an immigrant from Morocco—was taken into police custody.

Paramedics were at the site of the crash within minutes. All five victims, with varying degrees of injuries, are expected to survive.