Google promotes same-sex ‘marriage,’ gay adoption in new ad

(LifeSiteNews) – Google is continuing its attempts to mainstream  the homosexual lifestyle with a 30-second video showing a male couple getting their photogenic children off to grade school.

“It’s just more propaganda,” said Gwen Landolt, the head of REAL Women of Canada. “It’s an attempt to normalize same-sex relationships using children as props. But it is not normal and what they are not telling you is that it is not good for children.”

The ad for Google Home, the company’s personal assistant software, promotes the device’s upgrade to be able to recognize more than one voice. In it, two adult men, Alex and Ross, each ask, “Google, tell me about my day.” A male and a female child offer a cheerful “Hi Daddy” between mouthfuls of cereal. Then the two men negotiate who will take the children to school. The girl throws out a parting “a bientot Papa,” leaving a puzzled Alex to ask, “Hey, Google, what does ‘a bientot’ mean?” “It means ‘see you soon’” comes the robotic response.

REAL Women’s Landolt believes Google is currying favor with left-liberal lobby groups such as the Human Rights Campaign.

“They are part of its kennel of mad dogs,” she told LifeSite. Whenever someone or organization offends against the LGBT cause, said Landolt, “HRC opens the kennel and lets the dogs out.”

Landolt pointed to the corporate assault on the state of North Carolina when it passed legislation protecting the privacy and safety of women in public washrooms.

“By doing what the Human Rights Campaign wants, they can be sure they are safe from attack themselves,” she added.

However, the problem with the ad normalizing same-sex couples is that the social sciences indicates that “Children require a mother and a father. The ad is an abuse of children. Google is supporting an abnormality,” said Landolt.

Landolt cited research by Douglas Allen of Simon Fraser University based on a large and random sample of same-sex and heterosexual couples taken from the Canadian census. Titled “High school graduation rates among children of same-sex couples” and published in 2013, it found children living in same-sex  parented households graduated at two-thirds the rate of children in heterosexual families.

A year earlier, Dr. Mark Regnerus of the University of Texas-Austin released a controversial study finding a wider range of negative outcomes for children raised in same-sex families compared with heterosexual families.