New York Magazine Is Right: Every Pregnancy Center Is A Threat To Big Abortion

Tune up the world’s smallest violin to bemoan the plight of the last remaining abortion business in Mississippi, which pays the rent by ending 2,300 unborn human lives every year. Tonight’s tiny-stringed orchestra conductor, New York Magazine, set off a cacophony of pro-abortion sorrow Thursday in an article entitled, “A New Threat to Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic Moved in Across the Street.”

Soon, and followed with similar pieces, decrying a new neighbor to Jackson Women’s Health Organization, an abortion clinic that has been a darling of the Left and is the stomping grounds to self-styled Christian abortionist Willie Parker. As first reported by Pregnancy Help News, the clinic now has a pro-life neighbor just 100 yards away, dedicated to giving a woman one last chance to save her baby and reject abortion.

While a free ultrasound is the main tool the pro-life Center for Pregnancy Choices will use to help women choose life for their babies in the shadow of the pink-painted abortion mill, that fact is conveniently absent from the coverage by New York Magazine and friends.

We’ve Heard These Lines Before

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