Michael Savage nails it: Antifa-types the ‘brownshirts’ of Dems

Radio talk show icon Michael Savage has hit the nail on the head — again — and called out the antifa-type thugs who wield baseball bats in the streets as the “brownshirts” of the Democratic Party.

Hey now, walk like a duck, squawk like a duck, that makes you a duck. In not-so-long-ago Germany times, the brownshirts — the SA, the Sturmabteilung, meaning “assault division” — were the attack dogs of the Nazi Party who would use fear, violence and intimidation to boost Adolf Hitler’s presence and power.

Here’s a little history lesson from Encyclopedia Britannica: “Outfitted in brown uniforms after the fashion of Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Blackshirts in Italy, the SA men protected party meetings, marched in nazi rallies, and physically assaulted political opponents. … [and also] intimidat[ed] voters in national and local elections.”


If those tactics sound familiar, in a modern day and time kind of way — you’re absolutely right. Look no further than the Democratic Party.

Go back in time no further than this week.

Head down the road no farther than Portland, Oregon, or New York.

“Political violence goes coast to coast as Proud Boys and antifa activists clash in New York, Portland,” The Washington Post blared Sunday.

Thuggery in the streets; First Amendment, Democrat style.

“What happened over the weekend in Portland with the antifa violence — a domestic terrorist organization — so exemplifies the mass hysteria of our times, where people think they’re justified in taking over streets and beating people up,” Savage said in an interview with Brietbart News Daily on Sirius XM. “But where is it coming from, this hysteria to think that it’s OK to beat up the opposition? You don’t have to look any further than Hillary Clinton, who says we don’t need a civil society until we have power again [or] the deranged Maxine Waters, who should be impeached for what she’s doing.”

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