Outsiders vs. Insiders: Irascible impeachment talk is Democrats’ most asinine rant to date

The four month anniversary of Donald Trump’s historic presidency passed last weekend with the president and first lady embarking on their inaugural overseas diplomatic trip, an occasion that would typically be observed with some gravity by Americans across the fruited plain as proof positive that our brilliant constitutional system of peacefully transferring power functions as intended.

Instead, back home in the swamp, Democrats and media creatures continued to mull ways to weaken the president, including dredging up the dreaded “impeachment” word. Not even the hiring of special counsel to delve into the Russia matter poured water on the blazing inferno of terror and resentment from the left.

And apparently, the president’s team is preparing steps to combat what may be inevitable if things continue on the way they have been recently.

Anna Giaritelli of the Washington Examiner reported, “The White House is researching impeachment procedures in case Democrats move to remove President Trump from office, CNN reported Friday evening.

“Trump’s counselors are looking at the best ways to legally respond to removal efforts after some lawmakers suggested the idea of impeachment earlier this week, including one Republican congressman.

“The staff lawyers are considering whether to hire outside lawyers to assist in the strategy sessions. The meetings are ‘informal’ and being done out of ‘an abundance of caution,’ two officials told CNN.”

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