Rachel Maddow Just Gets Devastating News After Trashing Fox News Founder

Just yesterday we reported that Rachel Maddow accused now-deceased Fox News founder Roger Ailes of one simple trick that would have removed her from the air. (READ MORE on Maddow’s Roger Ailes Claim)

Today, she’s getting some very bad news…

The Daily Caller reports that a new advertiser is dropping her. Insurance company USAA decided to drop the liberal host:

The Media Research Center[…]revealed that [USAA] had placed ads on MSNBC shows hosted by Maddow, Chris Hayes and Lawrence O’Donnell, all of whom present the news from a liberal viewpoint.

USAA told ABC News that it aired ads on the three shows by accident, and will take steps to ensure that that doesn’t happen again in the future. That announcement followed USAA members flooding the company’s Facebook page with angry comments. Many commenters said they would take their business elsewhere in retaliation for MSNBC pulling the ads.

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