Black Professor Has The Cure For Racism: ‘White People Dying’

What are the best ways to eradicate racism? According to a Texas A&M University professor, not education, not religion, and not civil rights, but “white people dying.”

From The College Fix:

It’s just the latest audio recording from Prof. Tommy Curry’s classes that has been released by a group seeking his firing, as well as the firing of President Michael Young for his defense of Curry’s academic freedom.

Support Aggies, which says it represents alumni but does not identify its leaders, has been dribbling out clips of Curry’s classroom remarks for the past week, saying they prove he advocates violence against whites.

It’s soliciting signatures for a petition that pledges to withhold donations to Texas A&M, its private foundation and alumni association until Curry and Young are fired.

Curry has admitted the contents of the audio recordings released by Support Aggies are authentic, but he has portrayed his remarks as ‘scholarly analysis’ and not a call to use violence against whites.

Curry’s problems started May 8 when Rod Dreher of The American Conservative highlighted a 2012 podcast in which Curry spoke about the history of black self-defense. (Philosophy blog Daily Nous has a full transcript.)

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