Credibility Crisis: After Beheading ‘Piece Of Sh*t’ Trump, CNN Caught Staging Protest (And LYING)

CNN already has a huge ratings problem. Even with the implosion of Fox News and the ongoing insanity over at MSNBC, CNN has actually lost ground, dropping last month from second to last place. Moreover, even during news weeks as heavy as last week, CNN can’t manage to scrape together even a million total viewers. Throughout all of last month, not a single CNN show — not one! — cracked the top 10 (the top 19, actually).

And this is the shape CNN was in before the left-wing cable news network’s latest credibility implosion — what might be the worst week in the sordid history of The Hitler Network.

Things started out impossibly awful when one of the left-wing network’s big stars, Kathy Griffin, staged a fake beheading of President Trump. Believe it or not, things actually went downhill from there. Within a few days CNN host Reza Aslan would publicly attack Trump as a “piece of shit” (and then lie about it). Less than 24 hours later, a five alarm credibility-calamity hit when video was released of CNN caught red-handed staging a protest for its cameras (and then CNN lied about it).

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