Canada’s Justin Trudeau Issues Formal Apology, Awards Al-Qaeda Terrorist Convicted Of Slaughtering U.S. Serviceman $10.5 Million.

Justin Trudeau’s glossy exterior often distracts us from his unapologetic moral bankruptcy. By all metrics, he should be the laughingstock of the entire world. An elitist showman, the boy with the silver spoon in his mouth has gone from teaching yoga to offering sycophantic eulogies to the likes of Fidel Castro, the Cuban dictator who filled his coffers with blood money forcibly seized from his own people under the banner of communism.

The problem is Trudeau’s far-left pathology is only getting worse.

Last week, the Canadian Prime Minister issued a formal apology to Omar Khadr, an al-Qaeda terrorist convicted of killing an American serviceman. This isn’t satire or some conservative caricature of liberal naiveté. This is real. Trudeau’s apology, delivered on behalf of the Canadian government, comes on the heels of leaked reports revealing that Trudeau is handing Khadr a whopping $10.5 million settlement to make up for all that the murderous al-Qaeda operative has supposedly endured. As The Wall Street Journal notes, “That’s an extravagant sum in the Canadian justice system, which is much more restrained in awarding damages than U.S. courts.”

For Khadr’s victim, Sgt. First Class Christopher Speer, the settlement might as well be a second death. It’s almost 15 years ago today that Khadr tossed a grenade in Speer’s direction. The attack resulted in Speer’s death and the partial blinding of Sgt. First Class Layne Morris.

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