Pro-Trump Students Put Anti-Trump Teacher In Her Place

Students at one school are fed up with their anti-Trump teacher who accuses them of being racist for supporting the president and are pushing back, according to a video spreading on social media.

The video is making the rounds after an unidentified teacher originally uploaded her reaction to students displaying printed Trump memes around her classroom and writing some key details of his ‘America First’ platform on her white board – for which she called them ‘racist’ despite no evidence of any race-based trolling in the footage.

“Because I am at work, I am not going to cuss, but I do want to share with you the straight, blatant racism,” she begins, explaining that she is making the video for her friends.

“I told you they did the whole ‘Trump thing,’” she narrates while showing print-outs of ‘Obama, You’re Fired,’ and ‘Make America Great Again’ memes.

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