Iran Official To CNN: ‘ISIS Is not Islamic’

Nothing to see here.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was invited to appear on CNN’s GPS this past Sunday where he told host Fareed Zakaria, “People who engage in acts of terrorism … have nothing to do with Islam.”

Zakaria did not press Zarif or ask him about Iran’s support of Islamic terror.

The CNN host allowed Zarif to continue, “We know where the terrorists are coming from. We know those who attacked the World Trade Center were citizens of which countries in the region, I can tell you that none of them came from Iran. None of the people who engaged in acts of terrorism since 2001 came from Iran; most of them came from U.S. allies.”

He adds, “I believe the ideology that is being spread by, unfortunately by our neighbors in Saudi Arabia, throughout the world is responsible for hatred, for extremism,  and for fanaticism that is bring such a dark page of people who having nothing to do with Islam into our region, and even beyond our region. Look at ISIS, look at al-Nusra, look at al-Qaeda, look at other terrorist organizations,  none of them have anything to do with Iran. All of them receive not only their ideology but their financial assistance, their weapons, their arms from others who call themselves U.S. allies.”

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