‘The Five’ Co-Hosts Say Russia Conspiracy Theory Will ‘Boomerang’ On The Democrats

On Friday, Fox News “The Five” co-hosts Jesse Waters and Greg Gutfeld explained how the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media’s obsession with Russia will come back to bite them. They spoke about the meeting between Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer who promised opposition research on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

Guest host Lisa Boothe said, “You look at the actual information that was out there that damaged her the most and was the biggest indictment of her and her character, was self-inflicted wounds. It was the setting up a private email server, the deleting of tens of thousands of emails with bleachbit, the Clinton Foundation and the quid pro quo.”

She added, “So literally everything that damaged her candidacy outside of her just being a generally unlikeable person, was all self-inflicted.”

Waters mentioned the Russian lawyer who met with Don Jr wondering who gave her a visa to enter the country. “And it always boomerangs back on the Democrats. We’ve seen the Susan Rice boomerang, we’ve seen the Comey memos boomerang, and it looks like, this has boomeranged. Who let this person into the country?”

Gutfeld said, “Well this is why, you know what the boomerang will result in? A full accounting under oath of all of Podesta’s meetings as well.”

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