Being “transgender” is not natural.

In fact, it’s a denial of reality — a mental disorder to be treated, and not enabled.

It’s one thing for medical professionals to indulge an adult in this fantasy — but when it’s happening to a child, it’s ABUSE!

Children are not emotionally or mentally prepared to make such a life-altering and irreversible decision to chemically alter their bodies.

In fact, the “transition” process currently being offered across the country sterilizes every child who goes through it.

Can you imagine stripping a girl or boy of their ability to have children at such a young age?

Can a young child even understand what they are giving up?

One pediatrician has reported that 100% of children who are started on chemical blockers to stop their bodies from going through puberty also opt to take cross-gender hormones.

This means that once a child experiments with “transitioning,” the process damages them so thoroughly that they can’t choose to go back.

The medical industry has embraced the “transgender” myth and endorsed dangerous and unhealthy “transition protocols” simply as a matter of political expediency.

And the Homosexual Lobby is empowering this “transgender” movement through their deceitful inclusion of “gender identity” under all sorts of protective laws.

They and their radical allies in political office have redefined the words “sex” or “gender” to include “gender identity” — or the idea that people can pick their own gender.

And if “gender identity” is protected by law, then schools and doctors can be forced to support such delusions.

But pro-Family members of Congress are taking action to defeat this latest tactic.

The Civil Rights Uniformity Act (H.R. 2796) will do one clear and simple thing: explicitly prohibit the concept of “gender identity” from being interpreted as synonymous with “gender” or “sex” in current legislation.

My friend, this is the single greatest blow we can deal against this insidious “transgender agenda.”

The Civil Rights Uniformity Act will remove all the confusion the Homosexual Lobby has inserted into this debate.

Activist courts won’t be able to rule against schools and local communities on the grounds that federal protections are unclear.

This would mean no one can claim that a male student has the federally protected right to shower with the cheerleaders just “because he feels like a girl.”

And schools won’t be under pressure to teach “gender neutral curriculum” on the grounds that they have to respect “gender identity.”

The Homosexual Lobby knows that today’s children are tomorrow’s adults. And they have long understood how vulnerable children can be to their perverse ideology.

That’s why, year after year, your Public Advocate has been forced to fend off the Homosexual Classrooms Act.

That’s why, for the last three years, Public Advocate has had to lead the fight to keep the “transgender agenda” and “transgender bathrooms” out of our public schools.

It’s time to stop all this gender insanity.

These children need our help — their guardians certainly aren’t going to look out for them.

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