The Truth About What Happened in Dunkirk

The feature film “Dunkirk,” which was released in theaters July 13th, 2017, smashed box office expectations by raking in an impressive $50.0 million over its opening weekend. The movie is based upon a real-life event that occurred in May 1940, but it contains themes and lessons that are just applicable today as any point in history since.

Christians today can find encouragement from the movie along with the event itself, as it’s truly a story worth telling and remembering.

What Happened at Dunkirk?

The British army set out to support their allies in France. Germany invaded France unexpectedly, essentially trapping the bulk of the British army, what remained of the Belgian army and three French armies around the French-Belgian border in the seaside town of Dunkirk.

Dunkirk is located only 47 nautical miles away from the UK, but it might as well have been 100 million miles. Germany’s Luftwaffe (their air force) was flying fighter planes overhead dropping bombs on the beach, taking soldiers out as they waited helplessly for help to reach them. The large British ships that were available couldn’t get close enough to the beach to reinforce the soldiers, and there weren’t many small boats employed by the military.

In essence, these soldiers were trapped in what looked like a hopeless situation, with Germans overhead and on land, and the ocean on the other side pinning them in place.

The Miracle of Dunkirk

The day before the planned evacuation of the soldiers was set to take place, King George VI called for a National Day of Prayer for the operation.

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