Ashley Judd Hates Trump, but forgives Weinstein

Ashley Judd was the high-profile actress that opened the floodgates on sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein. Check out what she says about Harvey now.
Judd has consistently been outspoken about sexual assault.  She has bravely come forward and opened up that she’s been a victim of rape and incest, and is a survivor of both.
That does make me feel some compassion for her.  I cannot imagine what that has done to her psychologically and applaud her on how she has rebounded from such scarring events to the pinnacle of success in Hollywood.
I for one, as a female ClashDaily Editor, applaud her for speaking out and being a voice on these very personal, traumatic incidents that many just don’t want to talk about.
But then, Ashley Judd also says some really nutty things.

Don’t forget her Nasty Woman speech/slam poem at the Nasty Women’s March.
In it, she accused President Trump of having ‘wet dreams’ of his daughter Ivanka.

And she seems to get ‘triggered’ by the most innocuous things. Like when she was at a basketball game and an older man asked if he could take his photo with her, then mentioned that he liked Trump.  She needed a hug from her uncle and called for basketball games to be apolitical safe spaces.  (Gee, I wonder how she feels about the NFL now that they’re championing the ‘Gender Pay Gap’, an issue close to Judd’s heart.)
Earlier this year, she posted a video on Facebook where she complained that a male TSA worker complimented her.  She tried to get the dude fired for saying ‘pretty lady’ then ‘putting his hands on her’.
You’d think that a woman that has survived so much actual sexual assault, harassment, and even rape would know the difference between innocent compliment that is an admiration of beauty and the leering look of a predator.



What a horrible situation.
No one should ever be subjected to that.
But, riddle me this:  How can she forgive Weinstein, a man that is a horrific sexual predator — who attempted to prey on her as a young, aspiring actress — and yet she continues to refuse to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt?
How can she ‘love’ Harvey and despise Trump?
Is it because of his politics?
President Trump has vowed to fight the ‘epidemic of human trafficking’.  This is an issue that Ashley has been speaking out against.
Ashley starred in a movie about it, and met with victims of it, and wrote about it in her memoir.