FBI Says Black Identity Extremists Murder Cops

Black Identity Extremists are killing law enforcement officers and, according to a new report by the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, there is a high likelihood they will continue to do so. And no one in the black community, liberal establishment, or media is condemning the violence against police. Where’s the outrage?

The FBI defines black identity extremists as:
“[I]ndividuals who seek, wholly or in part, through unlawful acts of force or violence, in response to perceived racism and injustice in American society and some do so in furtherance of establishing a separate black homeland or autonomous black social institutions, communities, or governing organizations within the United States.”
DeRay McKesson a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement (Words to Action) and self-described Black Identity Extremist, took the opportunity of the report’s release to attack the FBI by saying they surveilled black organizations in the past. He did not address the content of the report or condemn the violence by black extremists against law enforcement officers.

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We all condemn illegal use of force against blacks and we should all condemn any violence against police officers regardless of the race of the perpetrator.
The FBI report is based on an analysis of incidents by black extremists against police from 2014-2016 and include:

• The ambushing and shooting of 11 law enforcement officers, killing five, in downtown Dallas, Texas, during a First Amendment protected protest.
• The attack of four white New York Police Department (NYPD) officers in Queens with a hatchet.
• The ambush and shooting of six law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
• And the intentional driving of a vehicle toward three white officers striking two of them.

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